Residential Architecture

It Starts With a Dream

For some, it’s a home where all the neighborhood kids flock. For others, it’s a sophisticated space to celebrate with friends and family. Or perhaps it’s a restorative retreat for quiet reflection.

Whatever your dream, we have the creativity, experience and confidence to turn it into a reality. We’re Urban Building Workshop, a San Francisco architecture firm that designs beautiful, functional homes.

Some clients come to us knowing exactly what they want. Others just know how they want it to feel. We understand every client is unique. That’s why we take the time to learn who you are and how you live. Do you host every major holiday? Do you need space for some weird hobby? Do you have a pampered pooch in want of creature comforts?

There are a few things we’re known for: kick-ass floor plans, lots of light, tons of volume. Plus, we’re fond of giving plenty of access to outdoor space.

Most of all, we build you into the design. Because we want your house to make a statement about you and your life. Lean on our expertise and let us guide you through this exciting process.

UBW is no ordinary architecture firm. Over the last four years, we’ve designed and built 24 Bay Area houses. What did that teach us? How to solve problems.

Our extensive construction knowledge gives us real-time feedback on costs, giving clients more information to make important decisions.

Kevin Skiles, president of UBW, is both a licensed architect and contractor. A proud graduate of University of Michigan’s architecture program, he earned his master’s degree in real estate finance at MIT. He is currently serving his second term as a local planning commissioner.

Kevin brings a unique level of construction knowledge to the architecture process. Even fellow architects come to him for help in gauging construction costs. This becomes vital for clients, who may need to make important budget decisions.