Why Volume = Value Is More Important Than Square Footage

The MIT’er in me can’t resist using an equation to title a blog post, but this one really represents an important philosophy we follow at UBW. If there is one consistent theme we incorporate in the houses we design and build, it’s that the overall value of a house is based on the volume – not square footage.

Sure, square footage gives you the space to move around a home. But volume takes it a step further by drawing the eye upward and giving the space breath.

Volume also allows for several other important design features. Larger windows, for example, help bring in more light. Taller ceilings give space to more dramatic and sculptural light fixtures. And, tall volume spaces help orient the exterior of a home by drawing attention to important features, such as the entry or main living space.

At UBW, we strive to maximize the value of every home we design, and creating voluminous interior spaces is one of the best ways to do this.